Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My 1500 points Grey Knight List

Hiya guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but that little annoying thing called 'real life' keeps getting in the way. Anyways, after doing a but of play testing (this was done with proxies I was just trying out different scenarios etc with the list, hence the lack of battle reps) with my first attempt list, I've written down what I hope to be my standard 1500 points Grey Knights army list!

One thing that I found out was that I didn't like the 3 Dreads (with T/L autocannons), yes, they were effective, and did take out several tanks, but, I wanted something more for the points which they ate. Let me explain further; I was able to confidently hold my side of the board; the two las razorbacks would hold my objectives, and have a nasty little counter assault unit inside if needed; but, the three terminator squads could have done with a little more help in the midfield sometimes (e.g. taking out that long fang squad, or wiping the few stragglers off the objective). This lead me to the conclusion that if I dropped the 3 dreads, I'd be able to have just over 400 points to spend on covering those weaknesses, especally considering that I had no problems taking out any armor with the strength 10 M/C Hammer, and the Psycannon.

So, what did I want to gain with my newly found points? Well, I don't consider myself to be a power or a WAAC gamer, so I was trying to squeeze in a special character if had the points, although it wasn't a priority, so I left that till the end. The first thing which I added was a second Inquisitor with Psychic communion, being able to add +/- 2 to any reserve roll seemed quite appealing. Next on my list was to find a way to assist my 3 Terminator squads, in the end, I opted for two assassins, a Vindicare and a Callidus. The Vindicare would be able to target any annoyances (e.g. hidden fists) from range, while the Callidus would try to come in as late as possible (thanks to the -2 from the two Inquisitors), and use its polymorphine and neutral shredder to get a weakened unit off an objective.

What I hope to be my standard 1500 points list:

Lvl 1 Psyker w/ Psychic communion, x3 servo skulls, Combi-Flamer

Lvl 1 Psyker w/ Psychic communion, Combi-Flamer

Callidus Assassin

Vindicare Assassin

x5 Grey Knights
Razorback w/ T/L Heavy Bolter, Psybolt Ammo

x5 Grey Knights
Razorback w/ T/L lascannon

x5 Grey Knight Terminators
x4 Halberds, Justicar Anval Thawn, Psycannon

x5 Grey Knight Terminators
x4 Halberds, M/C Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Psycannon

x5 Grey Knight Terminators
x4 Halberds, M/C Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Incinerator


Ideally, I'd like the army to work something like this:
  • The standard squads, their razorback and attached Inquisitor stay in my deployment area for as much as the game as possible; they are mainly designed to help bring in reserves when I want (courtesy of the Inquisitors) and take my home objectives. As some of you thought when you viewed my first attempt, they are not there to add to the combat potential of the army; I need a way to hold objectives with 'cheap' units
  • As in my other list, the Terminator squads are there to take the midfield from turn 2 onwards, deep striking in with the help of the Servo Skulls; I've Master Crafted the Daemon Hammer as then I should hopefully hit with a least 1 of the Strength 10 attacks, I don't fancy not risking the re-roll I would I get. I'm quite fond of the Incinerators, as they help deal with hordes (strength 6 is especially useful when facing orks) and the lone psycannon might pop enemy armor occasionally. Justicar Thawn is in there for two reasons, firstly, he has psychic mastery lvl 2, meaning he can cast hammerhand and activate the force weapons (very beneficial when facing big nasty MCs), secondly, his ability to never die can be useful when playing for killpoints, and for holding/contesting an objective (he might be able to get up at the last minute and hold/contest it!).
  • Finally, the two assassins each have a small, but crucial role to play. As mentioned above, the Vindicare is there to be annoyance and maybe take out a few threats (low AP guns, power weapons/fists etc.). On the other hand, the Callidus will either try to stay off the board as long as possible, showing up at the last minute to take out a unit holding/contesting an objective, or get me another killpoint; or, she will come on as soon as I can get her on, to take out a threat (e.g. lascannon carrying longfangs).

Theres my completed list, and I'm pretty happy with it! I think I've covered all of the weaknesses which I've found so far, and manage to include a special character, who will be beneficial to the army.

Feel free to leave comments; tell me what you think works well and what could be improved! Also, vote on the poll for what you think I should buy next for my army (I'm getting a new camera, so expect some WIP pics to be up shortly).

Until then...


  1. Looks Like a good list, im playtesting GK tommorow night so maybe ill drop you a line here let you know how it went. Glad to see you fielded the vindicare, imo they will be vital for tank hunting and popping off them annoying powerfist/hammers etc.
    Im trying out a libby as my main HQ as im interested how the summoning will work on the field with a land raider full of paladins... should be intresting.
    One other thing i will be testing is the tech marines with orbital strike relay, they seem like a good idea for some back row bombing..

    Anyways good list and nice blog.

  2. I would like to have a libby as a HQ as well, but, with only 2 HQ choices, but I'll go for the libby if I find that the Inquisitors don't really do much, which I doubt!

    If you wanted, write up anything you got from your playtest, and email me it (grey-knight-blog@hotmail.co.uk) and I'd put it into a post for you.


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